What Sort of people come to the Warehouse Dance and Fitness Studios ?

At our studio we strive to attract people from all walks of life. We are a dance school open to complete beginners to dancers with the world of experience. Our aim is to ignite the passion and love of dance through movement. We strive to help individuals to improve their flow, movement strength flexibility and overall fitness levels regardless of your dance back ground.

We seek to provide the most popular and up and coming dance and fitness classes such as Barre Fitness.


Classes taught at the Warehouse Dance and Fitness Studios include : Barre Fitness, Pole Dancing, Adult and Childrens Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz,

Men and Women

Men and Women are welcome to attend all classes at The WareHouse Dance and Fitness Studios there are no restrictions on gender. We have toilet facilities for Men and Women.

I want to try pole dance classes but I feel I wont be able to keep up?

Pole Dancing is an addictive way to keep fit and build up on your inner Godess/ God. Pole Dancing is always taught to beginners at a basic level focusing on the basics such as strength and movement. Many people feel nervous and unsure about taking their first class in Pole Dancing but once you start you will not look back. Our instructors remember what it was like at their first class and will be helping to make sure you feel comfortable in class.

Anyone can take a Pole Dance class so come along and try a new challenge which burns more calories then any gym class.

Booking a Class

You can book a class and make payment via our online booking on the website. You can also book a class via email but payment will need to be made before attending. The email for bookings and enquires is booking.warehousestudios1@gmail.com

How many poles and people per pole?

Our Studio has 4 Poles and the usual rule is 2 people per pole however this ay increase to 3 per pole on rare occasions due to demand.

What do I wear?

It is advised that gym type clothing is worn to most classes. For pole dancing it is advised that participants wear leggings and a top to warm up in and then participate in shorts and a top depending on the class level. With Pole Dancing participants are welcome to bring heels and will be offered opportunities to wear them depending on the lesson plan if requested. 

We request that no body lotions are worn when attending a pole dance class as this can make the poles very slippy and difficult to maneuver on.

I have previous, Dance/Fitness/ Pole Experience, which class’s should I attend

Please email the warehousestudios1@gmail.com with details of your experience and we will advise you as to what class to attend. This applies to other classes too

Drop In Classes / Course Bookings

Drop in classes can be paid for as a pose to booking a full course.

When Booking a course it works out cheaper and also secures your place within a class to attend once or as many times a week for up to a month.

I need a venue to hire

The Warehouse Dance and Fitness Studios is available to hire please send all enquires to warehousestudios1@gmail.com

I am a dance teacher/ instructor: teaching opportunities?

We are always looking for new instructors and disciplines of dance to be taught at our studios. Please email us with your dance background or CV and we will get back to you about potential teaching jobs or apprenticeships.